Suffering from TMJ? Call a Chiropractor.

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If you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), instead of dialing up the dentist, you may want to call a chiropractor.

Research shows that chiropractic can help relieve TMJ, according to chiropractor Dr. Dhanish Patel at Milpitas Spine Center in Milpitas, California. In a 2003 study, 15 participants were treated with the Activator Method, which uses a hand-held instrument to deliver a high-frequency, low-impact adjustment. All of the patients showed improvements in the distance they could open their jaws and in the measurement of pain.

TMJ affects as many as 30 percent of adults. No wonder. The temporomandibular joint is unique: It’s the only place on your body where two independently attached joints have to move in harmony exactly in order for the jaw to function properly. Dental work – a crown, an extraction or even braces – can throw it off. So can teeth grinding, excessive nail biting, trauma, and degenerative joint disease.

Teeth grinding, for example, tightens the muscles, pulling the skull and jaw closer together. The cartilage in your joint wears down, leading to misalignment of the jaw. A chiropractor can relieve tension in the surrounding muscles and reposition the jaw. Sometimes, poor posture or back problems can cause a misalignment. In that case, chiropractic adjustment of the spine and the neck may bring relief.

Chiropractic can be used in conjunction with other treatment approaches:

  • Hot and cold compresses reduce inflammation.
  • A nighttime mouth guard can prevent grinding of the teeth.
  • Bite plates can help correct misalignment.
  • Behavioral approaches include relaxation techniques, jaw-stretching exercises, and modified chewing habits.

Chiropractors are experts on correcting bone misalignments. Techniques that work well on the spine can be applied to other joints in the body. Misalignments interfere with the messages being passed from the brain down the spinal cord and out to all parts of the body.

If you have TMJ, consider a visit to Dr. Patel at Milpitas Spine Center. Dr. Patel and his dedicated team of chiropractors and therapists are focused on whole body wellness. They are dedicated to giving your body the support and care it needs to heal.

If you live in Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale or Santa Clara and are experiencing lower back pain, contact the Milpitas Spine Center for a complimentary consultation to see if we can help.


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