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Our mission is to transform our community through lifestyle education, proper nutrition, and optimal function of the nervous system.

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Our team of chiropractors, physical therapists, weight loss coaches, and massage therapists have helped shape the lives of thousands of Milpitas, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Fremont residents – by eliminating or reversing the source of their pain, discomfort, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The combined experiences of Dr. Dhanish Patel and Dr. Scott Riley have enabled Milpitas Spine Center to help thousands of residents throughout San Jose, Fremont, Milpitas, and Santa Clara live healthier, pain-free lives. Specialized chiropractic care, combined with physiotherapy, massage therapy, and nutritional coaching provides patients with long-term health and wellness. Additionally, if you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident, work-place accident, or sports injury, please contact us immediately at 408-942-1122 to schedule a complimentary consultation. The sooner you act, the shorter your recovery time.


Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. For faster service, please call our front desk at 408-942-1122

Dr. Patel at Milpitas Spine Center

Dr. Dhanish Patel

Doctor of Chiropractic

A graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, Dr. Dhanish Patel is approaching 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. Patel’s core focus include chiropractic, with a strong foundation in science, physiology, anatomy, functional biomechanics and radiology.

Dr. Patel’s philosophy is quite simple; “Adjust the Way You Live”. Dr. Patel believes that all treatment options provided for pain relief, spinal correction, and wellness care should be medication-free, surgery-free, and 100% holistic – using sound, proven, and natural chiropractic approach.

Dr. Patel’s passion for educating his community on the fundamentals of health and vitality, pushes him to volunteer his time and knowledge at local workshops, health fairs, health talks, and corporate educational and wellness programs. Furthermore, Dr. Patel’s natural treatment philosophy has been welcomed by a wide range of patients – from newborns, children, and adults, to pregnant mothers, athletes, and even medical doctors.

With a great deal of passion for the health and well-being of his community, Dr. Patel diligently works on creating custom-tailored treatment programs for each individual patient, ensuring that their pain and discomfort is properly addressed and treated. Along with quality chiropractic care, Dr. Patel utilizes ART, stretching, rehabilitation, patient thermography, foot scans / orthotics, nutritional counseling, and weight loss to help his patients live healthier lives.

Dr. Patel is an active member of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, an active member of the Bay Area Indian Association, as well as an active advocate of health and wellness organizations across the bay area. He takes pride in being up-to-date on current chiropractic research and seminars in the profession, passing on those findings and research to his patients.

Dr. Riley at Milpitas Spine Center

Dr. Scott Riley

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Riley has been practicing chiropractic since 2005. Prior to his chiropractic career, Dr. Riley attended Sonoma State University (SSU) and attained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 1998. Dr. Riley completed the Athletic Training Program at Sonoma State, where he was involved with the baseball, football, basketball and the men’s and women’s soccer teams.

During his time at Sonoma State, Dr. Riley worked with the local chiropractors, orthopedists, and physical therapists to gain extensive knowledge on rehabilitation with sports injuries. While attending Sonoma State Dr. Riley was fortunate enough to participate in community events, sports, athletics, and junior sports camps that focused on children ranging in ages 5 to 18 years old.

While attending Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, Dr. Riley participated in community and sporting events on a regular basis. He attended multiple seminars and weekend events to educate himself on treating extremity injuries such as the ankle, knee, shoulder, hip and wrist. During this training he also learned pertinent information regarding nutritional supplements, distinguishing the difference between the liquid whole food sources and pill form.

Today, Dr. Riley continues to stay active in social and community events across the Bay Area. He is an active member of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce and an active advocate of health and wellness organizations across the Bay Area. He is continually receiving training on new and innovative chiropractic research to better educate himself and his patients.

Our Team

Our Milpitas Spine Center team is dedicated to the health and wellness of you, and your loved ones. We are proud to be involved in many community organizations, corporate health, wellness fairs, health screenings, and chambers events in the San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Santa Clara, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We can provide these services for your company, staff, family, children, as well as fellow co-workers and students.

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