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Suffering from a herniated disc? We can help.

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Do you have a slipped or herniated disc? Have you been told you need surgery? We can eliminate your pain and give you your life back.

If you’re suffering with a herniated disc or slipped disc and live in Milpitas, we’ve got great news for you! As one of Milpitas’ most advanced and cutting-edge spinal rehabilitation and chiropractic clinics, our highly knowledgeable, experienced and caring doctors may be able to successfully treat your condition without any type of intrusive surgery, risky procedures or harmful painkillers. We have hundreds of success stories from patients just like you who were suffering from a herniated disc, back pain and misery. They were all pleasantly surprised to realize that advanced chiropractic care can be more powerful, less expensive and more beneficial to their health. So, are you ready to take the next step? Contact us today for your FREE in-office consultation.

Treating Disc Herniation

At Milpitas Spine, the primary goal of our advanced chiropractic and spinal rehabilitation therapy is to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with a herniated disc or slipped disc. After a thorough examination by our doctors, including taking digital x-rays, our team will be able to recommend an individualized treatment plan based on severity of pain. This treatment may include spinal manipulation (adjustments), decompression therapy, traction, and physiotherapy just to name a few.

At Milpitas Spine, we have had a tremendous rate of success treating disc herniation, and providing very noticeable results for our patients.

Common Symptoms

  • Back Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Weakness in Feet and Legs
  • Tingling and Numbness
  • Weakness in the Arms
  • Numbness in Exremities
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Weakness of Grip
  • Nerve Pain


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Back Pain Issues

Chiropractic Care

Suffering from back pain? Neck pain? Migraines? Headaches? Joint pain? Tingling? See how chiropractic can help.

Massage Therapy Milpitas Spine

Massage Therapy

Our therapists use a variety of hands-on methods and specific techniques depending on the patient’s specific needs.

Physiotherapy Milpitas Spine


To ensure the most effective care, our doctors at Milpitas Spine Center may prescribe certain treatment plans.

Nutritional Coaching at Milpitas

Nutritional Coaching

One of the most important pillars of health is nutrition. Unfortunately, most of us neglect the basic principles of nutrition.

Are You In Pain?

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